Stan Bann

Welcome to the home of Stan Bann Music, Northmark Lab, the Stan Bann Big Band, Expanded Coverage, and the newest member of the family, Stan Bann's Big Bone Band!!

We are blessed in the Twin Cities to have marvelous outdoor venues and a culture that supports sharing live music. What better stress reliever is there than the combination of a beautiful summer evening, a light breeze, great music and some bad (but funny!) jokes.

If you can't be there live check out our CDs or download your favorite SB3 or Big Bone Band tunes through our various digital distribution networks. Visit the various corners of the website to check out sound files, find out where and when the groups will be performing, and share your stories with us in the guest book.

Many years ago I had the good fortune to hear Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul, and Mary in concert. His comment at the end of the concert has been something I've treasured and aspired to ever since. He said "Tonight I felt we shared our music with you rather than played it at you." My goal is to share the music with you whether it's at a concert, through a recording, or through this website. Let me know what you enjoyed and how we can continue this special dialog!!

Once again, welcome! Stan